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All In A Night's Work: Catching Premium Grade Hawaiian Seafood For The Sashimi Market

Premium quality, fresh Hawaiian ahi is always in high demand. The higher grade, the more insatiable the appetite.

If we could have it our way, we'd deal in only #1 grade fish, but unfortunately it's not that simple. There is a huge list of factors that determines how a given fish grades out on the cutting board and many of these are simply beyond the control of us mortals. That being said, there's plenty that can be done to ensure that a given fish gets a fair shake at achieving it's full potential.

Care and handling on board our fishing vessels is the whole key to providing our customers with high quality fish. Sure, sometimes a fish just doesn't have the right stuff, maybe it's reproductive cycle or state of metabolism when it was caught precludes it from having the deep red color and texture of a truly premium grade no matter how fresh it is. But just like anything else, there's little point getting hung up on what you can't control when there's so much you can do to influence the outcome.

This video shows what it's like being on deck for a night of fishing on our very own F/V Sea Hunt. The clock in the lower right is intended to give you a sense of the time and work required to bring in a night's haul and Captain Crocket's narration gives you an idea of what the crew is doing in real time to maximize the value of every fish brought on board.

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