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Catching The World's Finest Tuna Is Like... This!

The Hawaii longline fishery is unique in many ways. It's the only major US fishery in the Pacific that lands fresh ahi tuna, marlin, and other pelagic fish for the sashimi market. It's become a global model for sustainable fishery management. And it also, as we all know, provides both the Hawaiian Islands and the US mainland with some of the most premium-grade and sought-after seafood products in the World. After all "ahi" "mahimahi" and "ono" are the Hawaiian names for these now globally revered fish.

Despite being the largest food producing industry in Hawaii, employing and feeding countless thousands of people state and nationwide, very few people actually know what it's like to step foot on one of these vessels. Far fewer still have had the opportunity to voyage out of the harbor to the fishing grounds and experience the sights, sounds, and adventure of a Hawaii longline tuna trip.

As the only wholesale supplier of Hawaiian ahi tuna that operates our own fleet of fishing vessels, we love to help our customers tell the story of the seafood they serve. In our view, the more you know, the better is tastes. Likewise, the more our customers understand about the complex world of fisheries, the better choices they can make in sourcing. In a fishery as special as the Hawaii longline fishery, it's great to be playing such a unique and multifaceted role with Hawaiian Fresh Seafood. Providing our customers with the best quality, service, and product is a no-brainer... We want to take it a step further though, and provide our customers with the story behind the ocean-to-table journey.

This video was shot over the course of a 19 day fishing trip aboard our very own F/V Cumberland Trail last Fall. Happy viewing and leave us a like or comment!

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