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Walu (Hawaiian Escolar)

Hawaiian: Walu
Common: Escolar
Scientific: Lepidocybium flavobrunneum
Fresh Hawaiian Walu

General Info: Hawaiian Walu

It’s hard to say how this Hawaiian open-ocean species has come to be known as “white tuna,” but make no mistake about it: walu, a.k.a. escolar is totally unrelated to tuna and is in a family all its own.  That said, walu is a delicious and versatile fish with a unique flavor profile and has become a menu staple in sushi restaurants worldwide.  The fresh walu our boats land offers a superior alternative to the frozen product imported from foreign fishing fleets.  

Front of House Info:

Walu is commonly referred to as “white tuna,” but that name can be misleading.  It is actually called escolar and is a delicious and sustainable Hawaiian fish.

With its extremely rich flavor and lots of natural waxes and oil, walu is like a top shelf spirit.  Do enjoy, but don’t over do it.  

Walu is a popular local fish in Hawaii and is often served steamed in taro leaves as part of the traditional Hawaiian luau. 

If not already a sushi favorite, walu is a must try both as a sashimi alternative or nigiri selection.

Fresh walu sashimi
Fresh Hawaiian Walu aka Escolar

Back of House Info:

Walu has been the subject of some negative press over the years and many restaurants have been criticized for mislabeling this fish as “white tuna.”  There should really be no mistake about it though, this is a sustainable and delicious open-ocean Hawaiian offering that is completely different than (although highly complimentary to) tuna.


Walu is extremely versatile and while most commonly served raw, it can also be served in a variety of cooking applications.

Because walu contains undigestible wax esters, special care must be taken to serve this fish in smaller portions (4-6oz.)  Consuming walu in excess may result in some gastrointestinal distress. Use caution.


Hawaiian walu is sustainable and there is no overfishing is occurring in Hawaiian waters.  Seafood Watch sustainable choice. 

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