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Hawaiian Opah (Moonfish)

Hawaiian: Opah
Common: Moonfish
Japanese: Akabanbo
Scientific: Lampris regius
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General Info: Hawaiian Opah

Not too long ago, Hawaiian moonfish, also known as opah, was an under-utilized, under-appreciated species outside of the islands.  Fortunately, this seems to be changing as more and more chefs across the country are beginning to appreciate the unique taste and versatility of this sustainable open-ocean Hawaiian species.  Opah are a rather unusual looking fish.  They are vertically compressed, large and heavy, with very small fins compared to their body size.  They are extremely colorful and have a bright orange coloring with hints of blue around silvery spots on their body.  Opah offers a “true taste of Hawaii” experience and is very versatile in the ways it may be enjoyed.

Front of House Info:

Opah is an often under-appreciated open ocean fish species from Hawaii that offers an extremely tasty alternative to some of our more common Hawaiian fish like mahi and ahi. 

Opah tend to be quite large (commonly reach 80 - 100+ lbs).  They are traditionally known as a ‘good luck’ or ‘good omen’ fish for fishermen.

Hawaiian opah has a firm texture and a noticeably rich flavor profile and is extremely high in omega-3’s.  

Hawaiian Opah
Hawaiian Opah Sashimi

Back of House Info:

Depending on the cut, opah has distinct properties .  Along the dorsal line (backbone), the meat is orange while the belly tends to be a paler pink and very fatty.  The cheek meat yeilds dark red and very rich morsels too.

Opah is an extremely versatile fish suitable for all kinds of preparations including sashimi, poke, baked, and/or grilled.    


Opah has a good shelf life and is typically available year round making it a dependable ‘fresh from Hawaii’  menu option and tuna alternative.

Talk to a sales rep to help determine the best loin options for your specific needs.


Hawaiian opah is a sustainable fish.  Our fishery does not specifically targets this species and are not considered to be under significant pressure.  A Seafood Watch good choice. 

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