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Ono (Hawaiian Wahoo)

Hawaiian: Ono
Common: Hawaiian Wahoo
Japanese: Kamasu-sawara
Scientific: Acanthocybium solandri
Fresh Hawaiian ono aka wahoo

General Info: Hawaiian Ono

In Hawaiian, the word ono means “good to eat” or “delicious” and this fish certainly lives up to its namesake.  Ono has a unique torpedo-like body shape and is a popular game fish and delicacy.  Wahoo are widely distributed in the Pacific, but have always been known to be plentiful around the Hawaiian Islands.  In fact, some say the name wahoo evolved from the word 'Oahu' where these fish were commonly encountered by early European explorers and whalers.  While they are widely distributed, the reputation of Hawaiian wahoo is undisputed and preferred over foreign imports.

Front of House Info:

Ono is commonly known as wahoo and is a sustainable and iconic Hawaiian fish that lives both near-shore and in the open ocean.

Ono is a relative of the mackerel family, but has a more mild flavor than most common mackerel varieties. 

Hawaiian ono has a flaky and delicate texture and a mild flavor that borders on the sweet side. 

Ono is a very lean fish and does not have the high fat and oil content common in other Hawaiian fish species.  An excellent lean protein source

Fresh Hawaiian Ono Sashimi
Fresh baked Hawaiian wahoo

Back of House Info:

Fresh ono is typically pale white to slightly pinkish in color.

Like mahi, extra care must be given to not over cook and dry out the delicate meat.

Ono has a relatively short shelf life.  Because of this, we’ll often release them until we are at the tail end of our fishing trip. 

Fresh ono makes for great sashimi, but can be cooked in a great number of ways.  Don’t rule out a raw application especially with a fresh cut.

Ono is subject to seasonality and is not always available.  Check with us for current availability.  Hebi can make a good alternative.


Hawaiian wahoo is sustainable and a Seafood Watch good alternative.  

Freshly landed Hawaiian wahoo
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