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Monchong (Hawaiian Pomfret)

Hawaiian: Mukau
Common: Sickle Pomfret
Japanese: Monchong
Scientific: Taractichthys steindachneri

General Info: Hawaiian Monchong

Hawaiian Monchong Loin

Monchong, a.k.a. sickle pomfret is a Hawaiian open-ocean fish species that like opah, is only recently becoming appreciated outside of the islands for its high quality and versatility.  Monchong refers to two types of pomfret encountered by our fleet: the sickle pomfret and the lustrous pomfret, the former being the more common.  When describing the qualities of this fish, we like to think of monchong as an open-ocean snapper.  Many chefs actually prefer monchong over the Hawaiian snappers on account of its ability to retain added flavors when cooked.  They tend to be on the small side comparatively speaking and typically weigh under 20 pounds.  They are very robust and almost always come up full of life and actively fighting the line.  

Front of House Info:

Monchong is more commonly known as pomfret and is a sustainable, sometimes under-appreciated gem from the open-ocean waters of Hawaii.

Monchong has a very light, transluscent color that varies from white to pinkish in color and turns white when cooked.

The meat is quite firm, high in fat and oil content, and has a mild to moderate taste.


Although not as well known as some of the other Hawaiian fish species, monchong is becoming popular in restaurants across the U.S.A. and considered one of the best baking fish out there.

Fresh Hawaiian Monchong
Fresh Hawaiian Monchong

Back of House Info:

Monchong is a phenomenal baking fish, but can be prepared a number of ways including grilled, steamed, and fried.

Monchong has perhaps the best shelf-life of all the open ocean species and when cared for properly, holds freshness extremely well.

Monchong occasionally contain small parasitic worms in the flesh around the belly.  These are completely harmless and will usually completely cook out.  This is less common in the lustrous pomfret variety.  The extent to which this occurs is minimal compared to other parasite-prone fish like cod and needn’t deter you from enjoying/ serving this fish.  


Hawaiian monchong is sustainable and no overfishing is occurring in Hawaiian waters.  Seafood watch sustainable choice.

Hawaiian Monchong aka Pomfret
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