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Hawaiian Mahi (Dolphinfish)

Hawaiian: Mahimahi
Common: Dolphinfish, Dorado
Japanese: Shiira
Scientific: Coryphaena hippurus
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General Info: Hawaiian Mahi

Mahi is an iconic Hawaiian open-ocean fish and strong local favorite here in on the islands.  Our mahi mahi is sustainably line caught and kept on ice aboard our vessels until until we process and overnight ship the loins to our customers within hours of hitting the dock.  

Front of House Info:

Mahi has a light, slightly pinkish color that turns to a clean white upon cooking.

Flavor tends to be very mild, almost sweet, and is uniquely delicious among the white meat fishes.

Although the word mahimahi is used to describe dolphinfish caught in all parts of the world, the namesake is Hawaiian in origin and many will say there is simply no substitute for fresh Hawaiian mahi.

Hawaiian Mahi Mahi
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Back of House Info:

Mahi loins come skin on bloodline in tact.  The skin is very thin and typically removed before serving.

Our catch of mahi tends to be seasonal and is most available in the spring and fall months.  When our boats aren’t catching mahi we may source from other local fishers.

Mahi, like a few of the other Hawaiian open ocean fishes, is better the fresher it is.  Talk to a sales rep to help determine best grade/sizing/suitability for your needs. 

Extra care should be given not to overcook mahi since the flesh tends to be quite delicate.  We think it’s best served just as the flesh begins to flake.


Hawaiian mahi is sustainable. While there are concerns over Central and South American mahi fisheries, Hawaiian mahi is recognized as a sustainable choice by all third party certifications including Seafood Watch.

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