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Hawaiian Swordfish (Shutome)

Hawaiian: Shutome, A‘u
Common: Broadbill Swordfish
Japanese: Mekajiki
Scientific: Xiphias gladius
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General Info: Hawaiian Swordfish

Swordfish are the most widely distributed of open-ocean fish and can be found throughout the World’s oceans.  Hawaiian swordfish are known for their high quality and large size and account for about half of the North American market share.  In Hawaii there is a seasonal fleet of boats that fish exclusively for swordfish in the winter months, but the swordfish we catch on our boats are coming from shorter trips that target tuna.  That means that we’re able to offer our customers some of the absolute freshest swordfish available on the U.S. market, from our boats to your table.  

Front of House Info:

Hawaiian swordfish is world renown for its quality and freshness.      

It's firm in texture, mild in taste, and tends to be a translucent white to pinkish color that turns white when cooked.  

Our swordfish is sustainably line caught in Hawaiian waters and kept on ice until it's overnight shipped from Honolulu. 

Our swordfish offers a Hawaii boat-to-table experience you won’t find elsewhere.     

Hawaiian swordfish carpaccio
Fresh Hawaiian Swordfish Loin

Back of House Info:

Swordfish has a relatively strong shelf-life when properly cared for.

Clear, transluscent meat along with a distinguished red blood line are indications of freshness.  

While some chefs serve Hawaiian swordfish raw in the form of carpaccio or sashimi, it’s firm texture and fat/oil content make it ideal for grilling and other cooking applications.  Makes a great ‘catch of the day’ special. 

Talk to a sales rep to help determine availability and which size/grade options best suit your needs.


Hawaiian swordfish is more than just a sustainable fish.  The methods of reducing sea turtle and seabird by-catch developed and used by our small fleet have come to serve as an international model for successful management.  Unfortunately many of the foreign fleets that supply the other half of the U.S. market have yet to adopt the Hawaii standard for responsible fishing practices.  Our swordfish is recognized as a Seafood Watch sustainable choice.

Freshly landed Hawaiian swordfish
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