Quality. Service. Freshness.
Frank Porcelli
Owner, Hawaiian Fresh Seafood

"The seafood we produce in Hawaii is some of the best in the world.  Talk about a product that sells itself!  When I started this company over ten years ago we were buying fish off the block at the Honolulu fish auction.  Now we operate our own fleet of boats providing direct sales to all 50 states.  Every aspect of the seafood business is exciting, but I think being invested at every step of the process takes the excitement to a whole other level."

Hope Flores
General Manager

"I'm always reminding our crew that we're only as good as our worst day.  If we can get through the craziness seamlessly, without our customers ever feeling the effects of the madness, then we've done our jobs well.  At the heart of Hawaiian Fresh Seafood is not only our stellar seafood, but also our employees.  We are blessed with many individuals who genuinely care about our customers and want to make them happy."

Caleb McMahan

"I've always been drawn to commercial fishing.  Braving the high seas to provide for people on land, there's just something really great about it.  I've been a commercial fisherman in Alaska and a NOAA fisheries observer, but it's through filmmaking and multimedia that I'm best able to share my love for the ocean and fishing with other people."