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Ora King Salmon

We are proud to offer what we consider to be some of the absolute best salmon in the World.  Th Ora King Salmon is farmed in New Zealand and bred for culinary excellence.  The fillets have a bright orange color with marbled fat lines, a buttery texture, and are extremely high in oil content.  Ora King Salmon has an astounding 27% fat content making it one of the highest yielding fish for omega-3 fatty acids.  We'll only send you the freshest, sashimi grade fillets available.  

Amaebi aka Hawaiian Deep Water Shrimp

Amaebi shrimp are unique in that they're the only species of shrimp that are best enjoyed raw.  The flavor is best described as extremely sweet.  They are red in appearance and are flash frozen within minutes of being caught.  Thaw amaebi immediately before serving in a slurry of salt water.

Opakapaka aka Hawaiian Pink Snapper

Opakapaka is a Hawaiian favorite.  Its semi-sweet flavor and creamy  texture make opakapaka popular for a variety of preparations from sashimi to whole baked.

Hapu‘upu‘u aka Hawaiian Grouper or Sea Bass 

Hapu‘upu‘u has a flavor profile similar to the red snappers.  It has clean creamy white flesh and an almost shellfish taste and texture when served raw.  Medium oil content and dynamic flavor profile.  

Onaga aka Hawaiian Red Snapper

Onaga is another Hawaiian bottom fish favorite and along with Opakapaka,  one of the most sought after Hawaiian snappers.  Its semi-sweet, creamy flavor and texture make onaga a great choice for both raw and cooked applications.

Uku aka Hawaiian Grey Snapper 

Uku is by far the most under rated and under utilized Hawaiian snapper.  Appropriate for both raw and cooked applications like baking, broiling, and steaming, uku has a clean, mild natural flavor reminiscent of the red snappers.

Coral Cod (New Zealand)

Coral cod has a nice scallop like flavor and is commonly mistaken for coral sea bass.  It's mild no-fishy flavor holds together very well under heat and makes this fish a favorite not only to eat, but also to work with.  

Hawaiian Moi aka Pacific Threadfish 

Moi just might be the most sought after local Hawaiian fish of them all.  Known as the "fish of Kings" it was once a fish only eaten by ancient Hawaiian royalty and was raised in fish ponds on the coast.  These days anyone can enjoy Hawaiian Moi and it's popularity is growing.  

The flesh cooks up white and flaky.  It has a rich yet mild flavor and high oil content keeps it moist when cooked properly.  It can be served baked/ steamed whole, or filleted and seared.  

Blue Nose Bass (New Zealand)

Blue nose a.k.a. Antarctic Butterfish is a cold water species that is native to the deep waters off of New Zealand.  Second to Coral Cod, this is  probably New Zealand's most popular fish export and is a favorite of fine dining establishments.  Our Blue Nose is longline caught in New Zealand using sustainable practices.

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