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Ahi (Hawaiian Yellowfin Tuna)

Hawaiian: Ahi
Common: Yellowfin Tuna
Japanese: Kihada
Scientific: Thunnus albacares
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General Info: Hawaiian Ahi

Yellowfin tuna is the second species referred to as ahi and while biologically distinct from bigeye, the taste and appearance of yellowfin can sometimes be indistinguishable to a less discerning eye or palate.  Although we are targeting bigeye in our fishing effort, we do land yellowfin at various times throughout the year.  We are proud to offer our chef and restaurant customers a sustainable, boat-to-table direct source for this iconic Hawaiian fish.  

Front of House Info:

Yellowfin ahi is an iconic Hawaiian fish with a world-wide culinary reputation.  


Can be similar in appearance to bigeye tuna, but tends to be a bit lighter and leaner throughout.

The word ahi literally means “fire,” and dates back to ancient times when these powerful fish would pull the lines out so fast that they would smoke against the canoes of Hawaiian fishers.  Today the word has been adopted worldwide and come to be synonymous with freshness and quality.

Yellowfin ahi sashimi
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Back of House Info:

Unless otherwise specified ahi loins come with skin on/ bloodline in to better preserve freshness.  

We grade our catch of yellowfin using a similar system as we do for the bigeye.  Because yellowfin tends to be lighter and leaner, a true #1 yellowfin is fairly rare.  This also means that yellowfin can provide excellent quality and value for the mid-grades.  

Talk to a sales rep to discuss which ahi sizing and grading options best suit your needs.


The yellowfin tuna caught by our fleet is considered sustainable and is not currently a species of concern in the region.  Unlike the majority of yellowfin imported from other parts of the World which is frozen and often treated with carbon monoxide, ours is always fresh and fully deserving of the reputation of its namesake. 

Hawaiian Yellowfin Ahi Tuna
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