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Hawaiian Ahi (Bigeye Tuna)

Hawaiian: Ahi
Common: Bigeye Tuna
Japanese: Mebachi
Scientific: Thunnus Obesus
Buy Hawaiian Bigeye Ahi Tuna

General Info: Hawaiian Ahi

Bigeye is the target of our fleet’s fishing effort and one of two species of tuna commonly referred to as ahi, the other being yellowfin.  Bigeye is the reddest and most versatile of all the tunas and the Hawaii catch in particular is renown for it’s quality and freshness.  Bigeye tends to have deep red color, high fat/oil content, and serves a wide range of applications both raw and cooked.  Our bigeye tuna is sustainably line-caught by our own boats in Hawaiian waters and is typically processed and shipped to our customers within hours of being landed at the dock.   

Front of House Info:

Bigeye is most comparable to yellowfin tuna, but tends to be more desirable on account of its rich flavor, deep red color, and fat/oil content.  


While bigeye is harvested across the Pacific, the Hawaiian bigeye fishery produces what many consider to be the best in the World.    

Hawaiian Fresh Seafood bigeye is delivered within hours of hitting the dock from our boats to your table. 

Whether you know you love ahi, or are looking to try something new, our Hawaiian bigeye will certainly make an impression.    

Hawaiian ahi nigiri
Bigeye tuna loins wholesale

Back of House Info:

Unless specified, ahi loins come with the skin and bloodline in tact to better preserve freshness.

While exceptional served raw, bigeye is also extremely versatile and holds flavor very well when cooked/seared.  

A single ahi loin will yield unique sections of meat best suited for different uses.  When utilized creatively (sashimi, steaks, tartare etc.) a loin should provide near 100% yield. 

Talk to a sales rep to help determine which size/grade options best suit your needs.


The Hawaii tuna fishery has long served as an international model for effective management and responsible fishing practices in the Pacific and while Hawaii bigeye accounts for only a fraction of Pacific-wide catch, we continue to set the bar for sustainability in the region.  The latest stock assessments paint an optimistic picture for bigeye in the Pacific.  Overfishing is not currently occurring and management measures are in place to prevent overfishing.  Hawaiian bigeye is recognized as a Seafood Watch sustainable choice.  

Hawaiian Bigeye Ahi
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