Premium Grade Fresh Seafood Delivered Overnight
Fresh sashimi grade tuna, ahi, bigeye, yellowfin, tombo, albacore delivered overnight

Fresh, sashimi grade Hawaiian tuna from our boats to your table.

Fresh open ocean species mahimahi, ono, wahoo, opah, monchong overnight delivery

Open-ocean variety from Hawaiian waters.

Fresh salmon, snapper, shrimp, sea bass delivered overnight

Products we source from within and beyond the Hawaii fishing grounds.

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Fresh, Line-Caught, Sustainable Seafood


Free overnight and next day delivery with 20 lb minimum order

(808) 845-TUNA

Direct Source Hawaii Seafood

Every fish has a story... ours begins on the fishing grounds between California and Hawaii, where we catch each fish, one at a time aboard our own small fleet of fishing vessels.  We meticulously care for each fish, packing it on ice within minutes of being caught and overnight shipping it to our customers within hours of hitting the dock.  By the time the story culminates on the plates of our chef and restaurant customers, every detail of the ocean-to-table journey is accounted for.  Offering a direct, boat-to-table source for the highest quality Hawaii/ California seafood products is what separates us from our competitors.  

Hawaiian Fresh Seafood's reputation for quality and freshness is rivaled only by our reputation for sustainability and responsible fishing practices.  We operate within the jurisdiction of one of the world's most effective fisheries management systems and are currently leading the way in developing new and innovative ways to reduce our impact on the eco-system that sustains our livelihoods.  We take great pride knowing that in addition to providing the highest quality products to our customers we are contributing to a sustainable future for the resource.  



Quality. Service. Freshness.
Frank Porcelli is the president of Hawaiian Fresh Seafood the only wholesale supplier that owns their own fleet of fishing boats
Hope Flores is the general manager of Hawaiian Fresh Seafood the only wholesale supplier that owns their own fleet of fishing boats
General Manager
Caleb McMahan is the media and marketing director of Hawaiian Fresh Seafood the only wholesale supplier that owns their own fleet of fishing boats
Media & Marketing
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Fleet Manager


From Our Boats To Your Table


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