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Ahi, the Hawaiian word for tuna has become synonymous for high quality tuna. But make no mistake about it, there is no substitute for Hawaiian Ahi, and since we catch it ourselves only we can offer you the best of the best.


Beautiful, exotic, and delicious. Hawaii is home to several species of billfish from swordfish to marlin, all of which provide unique flavors and versatile options for preparation.


Don’t miss out on the variety of Hawaii’s fresh catch. These open ocean species will delight with their versatility, taste, and affordability.


Check out our specialty items for some exceptional products from both within and beyond our waters.

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A new paradigm in the Hawai’i seafood marketplace
The only supplier of Hawaiian seafood that operates its own fleet of fishing boats.

Traditionally in the fishing business, a good day for the fisherman is a tough day for the buyer. But at Hawaiian Fresh Seafood the captains that catch our fish, the experts that oversee grading and processing, and the ones in charge of getting it out our door and into your cooler are all part of the same team. Ultimately, it's our customers who benefit most from this unique under-one-roof system. By choosing Hawaiian Fresh Seafood, you are cutting out the middle-man and securing a level of quality and consistency that no one else can offer. Hawaiian Fresh Seafood’s reputation for quality and freshness is rivaled only by its reputation for sustainability. We operate within the jurisdiction of one of the world’s strictest fisheries management systems and have come to serve as an international model for responsible fishing. We take great pride knowing that in addition to providing a high quality product to our customers we are contributing to a sustainable future of the resource.


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